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Let's Start from the Beginning

From our founder, Wally Gebrael.

The very foundations of The Foundation can be traced back to the values instilled in me from a young age, which inspired me to seek purpose in my work and create an inspiring legacy.

I started working from the young age of 15, finished high school at 17, and completed a further 7 years of tertiary education. I started my own design business at the age of 21, and have successfully started a further 4 companies since then, 2 which are still in operation by others, and 2 which I am proud to still be a part of today; Granny Flat Solutions and New South Homes.

I have volunteered with several charity organisations supporting homeless people throughout my career, met some incredible people, and built life-long relationships and friendships with people from all walks of life.

When the COVID pandemic hit (and I was finally able to take some time off work), I began to reflect on my personal, business and relationships journey. I realised how blessed and fortunate I was to be able to start companies, and to have a fantastic family and friends network I could depend on anytime, but I couldn’t help but feel selfish and felt like my work didn’t have a real purpose or meaning. Although I was employing people who relied on me to support their own families, and I was in the industry of providing housing solutions for people, I saw this as simply ‘doing my job’.

During this reflection period of my life, I realised that I wanted to do more, and that’s when the idea was born to leverage my business and design skills, with the incredible construction network I had formed through Granny Flat Solutions, and so in 2022 I proudly created The Granny Flat Foundation.

I never dreamed after many years of operating Granny Flat Solutions, that I would one day be in a position to help other people and contribute to my community, and so the Foundation was my opportunity to really ‘give back’ through an attitude of gratitude.


What we do 

Contrary to its name, the Granny Flat Foundation delivers more than just Granny Flats... it delivers a choice of homes for individuals, and purpose-built structures for local community groups and organisations who help others.


The Foundation is unique in it does not support a single cause and does not compete with other charities. Instead, its objective is to raise money through a variety of channels and assist or work alongside other charities who provide housing, shelters or activities for people in need.

Building a home isn’t cheap. So the Foundation relies on generous monetary, material and skilled labour donations to accomplish these projects, with ALL money raised being reinvested in worthwhile causes for people in need. PLUS, it will always be backed and supported by

Granny Flat Solutions.


For many years now, Granny Flat Solutions has supported and remained loyal to many small, medium and large supplier and trade companies, and now we are reaching out and asking for their support in return.

We are looking for individuals and corporations to sponsor our Foundation, so that we can continue to support people who need us.

Our Purpose is really quite simple: find and help people in need.


Our Vision is to make a difference in communities by providing access to homes and buildings to live, work and play.


Our Mission is to operate as a charitable organisation and support community-based projects. We have so much to be grateful for, so by using our business foundations, we want to make a difference to the way people live, work and play.

Meet the Team

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