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Get Involved

Help us make a difference

We rely on the help of others to give assistance to those who need it, see below for a multitude of ways you can assist the Granny Flat Foundation.

Collecting Money


Help us on our projects from basic admin to helping on location, donations help us with all of our ideas 

Blocks of Wood

Supplier Donations

Donating building supplies to help us finish projects for those who need it most.

Trade Volunteer

Dedicate your own personal time to being the change 

Volunteer Group


Interested in helping with events and projects? Get in touch.

Strawberry Croissants

Host a Fundraiser

Help us raise funds for these vital projects with friends, family or your workplace

Daydreaming on Bed

Attend an Event

Join us to help fundraise by coming to one of our events 

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Want to make a donation to a specific project?

Donate a gift card today!

Hosting a Fundraiser

Want to make your impact bigger and help us with our projects? Here are some ideas below on how could help! 

Colorful Cupcakes


Want to help others in need? Dedicate a portion birthday or weddings gifts to donating to the foundation and make an impact.

Event Decoration

Host an Event

Got a trivia night coming up? Want to host drinks with friends? Company BBQ? Setting up a gold coin donation service allows your group to contribute in a small but impactful way.


Donation Boxes

Working in an office or retail environment? Contact us to get a donation box to set up in your space to allow donations from everyone who visits. 

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